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Spotify personalized Family Mix playlist

Spotify have found a way to potentially bring families closer together through music. If you are part of a family subscription, chances are you have some varying listening habits and musical tastes. While there weren’t any big announcements and this isn’t relevant to single user subscriptions, it’s worth knowing where your music may spring up. Your next big fan could be your fans parents!

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Submit music directly to Spotify editors

Spotify submission forms have been floating around the web for some time now. For the fortunate few artists that located these mysterious Google Forms the links were closely guarded and rarely shared. With major labels and distributors able to pitch priority releases to the Spotify editorial team through other means this left many Indie artists feeling left out in the cold.

Spotify (once again) have stepped things up. Now all users of Spotify for Artists or Spotify Analytics have the opportunity to submit a song to the relevant editorial team. 

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