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In this workshop we look at a number of DSP's and the tools they provide. Get ready to take notes, have plenty of "a-ha" moments and please share this link with anyone that could benefit.

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Streaming music has proven it is here to stay. Artists and their teams now find themselves with many new challenges in the digital landscape. 

With more options than ever for music distribution, standing out in a crowd, deciding where to focus your energy and finding ways to reach your audience become critical choices you and your team will have to make.

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Work Hard Playlist Hard was always intended to be a resource for all artists, managers, labels and curators. Now, after the success of the book, it has grown into a school. We believe in artists, and we are here to support you.

Everything you need is now here: There's live streams, courses, blog posts, and the podcast. Whatever way you learn best, we've got it. Of course, the book is here too.

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