Referred to by many of his colleagues as “the Tim Ferriss of streaming”, Michael has been immersed in the music industry for over 15 years. During this time he has dipped his feet into music production, radio and podcast hosting, mixing as a DJ and working for various music companies. More recently, Michael started working with a group of talented independent artists, coaching them through the entire process of releasing their own music. From the mix-down to the top of a tastemaker playlist, Michael has been able to completely immerse himself in the industry. 

As the sole founder and curator of Work Hard Playlist Hard, Michael has been helping independent artists’ streams by featuring them amongst some of the most established playlists hosted on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Qobuz and Napster. Through building a strong reputation as a curator, Michael has made connections with key tastemakers and has utilized these connections to promote his music and artists he works with.

Work Hard Playlist Hard started as a playlist brand and has since grown into an online resource for all artists. Through blog posts, podcasts and a recently released e-book, Michael has proven his worth by helping artists succeed in streaming.

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“My friend Michael is my go to for streaming advice mainly because he comes from music and the music I like and not just a statistics type knowledge, but that special touch and feel for where a track can work well. His playlists are always put together in an organic way, not just strategy - they are solid musically. I have seen him grow from one playlist to a massive operation over the years.” 




“It still amazes me how much Michael knows about the streaming world.. although it makes complete sense. He's constantly looking for new endeavors to expand his knowledge about the digital music sector. Whether it's curating a playlist network, growing his own artist profile, recording informational podcasts or speaking at conferences - Michael clearly has a keen eye for all things music. Over a few months time, i've been able to watch his own projects grow substantially - showcasing his ability to provide top-notch advice that holds value”




“What impresses me most about Michael is that his knowledge of the digital music world is born from a true love for music (unfortunately not always the case in the biz these days).  From both an artist and industry perspective, Michael always seems to be up on the trends and is always looking to find new ways to expose not only his groups music, but the music of other talented artists from around the world to wider audiences.  Beyond his clear expertise in the areas that he works, he also just happens to be a great person to deal with, talk to and collaborate with. Nothing but respect for his hustle and know how.”




"Michael knows the streaming world extremely well and as an artist has a unique view on the sector too. With a proven track record of success, he is definitely a good person to know!"



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