Welcome to the new Work Hard Playlist Hard

Work Hard Playlist Hard was always intended to be a resource for all artists, managers, labels and curators. Now, after the success of the first edition of the book, it has grown into a school. We believe in artists, and we are here to support you.

Everything you need is now here at the HQ: There's live streams, courses, blog posts, and the podcast. Whatever way you learn best, we've got it. Of course, the book is here too. We're even working on a second edition!

I hope you find what you are looking for and learn a lot while you are here.

Mike Warner

Founder, Work Hard Playlist Hard

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Pandora for Artists - Live Workshop

Mike was recently joined by Andee Connors (Pandora) to walk through their Artist Marketing Platform and free tools available to all artists.

Check out the replay below.

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Author of Work Hard Playlist Hard, industry streaming guru and public speaker Mike Warner shares top insider tips on how to achieve streaming success.