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Promoting Music to Radio as an Independent / Emerging Artist

Promoting music to radio as an independent/emerging artist Rather than being upstaged by the internet streaming services, radio offers a unique experience for listeners. It’s more personal, with people often being fans of the presenters or shows as much as fans of the music. Radio, particularly...


Mental Health For Musicians

If you are an artist, you’ve undoubtedly invested in your craft. You’ve spent countless time and money on gear, plugins, tutorials, you name it. The most important instrument of an artist, however, is the one least talked about. It’s your mind. It’s also often the one least practiced, but it’s...


Pandora launches Independent Artist Submissions Tool

Pandora have been somewhat quiet since being acquired by Sirius XM. After news of this acquisition went public many artists were left wondering what the next move would be. Today Pandora launched a new independent artist submissions tool, here’s a quick look at what has been announced so...