Spotify personalized Family Mix playlist

Spotify have found a way to potentially bring families closer together through music. If you are part of a family subscription, chances are you have varying listening habits and musical tastes. While there weren’t any big announcements and this isn’t relevant to single user subscriptions, it’s worth knowing where your music may spring up. Your next big fan could be your fans parents!

Family Mix is a playlist that combines music you and the other members of your Premium Family plan listen to. It comes preloaded based on genres, artists, and songs you’ve all played on your own, and updates the more you play.

The following information below is taken from the Spotify support website.

Family Mix is automatically created as soon as you join Premium Family. Find it in Home , under Made For You

You can also find it with Search. Or, if you have a voice controlled speaker, you can ask it to play Family Mix!

Note: Family Mix needs to get to know you first. If you’re new to Spotify, it might take around 2 weeks of listening before it fills with songs based on your music taste.

Tune the mix

For: Family Mix on mobile.

Family Mix is filled with music the whole family can enjoy together. But it can also be tuned to match the taste of particular Family members when you’re not listening together.

To manage who’s music taste Family Mix is based on, tap  (Android) / (iPhone) in the top-right of your Family Mix, then tap Manage Users.

And you can tune the mix even further to match the mood:

  • Tap CHILL for an easy listening and laidback tempo. Tap again to return to the standard mix.

  • Tap UPBEAT to increase the tempo of the mix. Tap again to return to the standard mix.

Find out more information on Spotify’s support page:

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