Spotify for Podcasters out of BETA

Spotify have taken a significant leap into the podcast world, securing original podcasts and acquiring podcast distribution platform Anchor. Now Spotify for Podcasters is out of BETA and open to the public.

Sign up at

Here’s a quick summary of what we know so far:

  • Podcasters can see listener data including age, gender, location, and how long they listened to a particular episode (essentially skip rates for episodes).

  • You need a Spotify account to sign in.

  • Spotify are not a distributor, you need another service to host your podcast.

  • To add your podcast to Spotify for Podcasters you enter the RSS feed URL for your podcast.

  • There’s no way to submit podcasts for podcast playlist placement yet.

  • No mention of an Apple or Android app.

More information can be found in the FAQ section on the Spotify for Podcasters website/

This article is a short right now as this has just been announced. More information will be added here as it becomes available..