Pandora launches Independent Artist Submissions Tool

Pandora have been somewhat quiet since being acquired by Sirius XM. After news of this acquisition went public many artists were left wondering what the next move would be. Today Pandora launched a new independent artist submissions tool, here’s a quick look at what has been announced so far.

  • You need an AMP (Artist Marketing Platform) account, sign up at

  • Independent artists must use a distributor such as CD Baby or DistroKid to get there music on Pandora.

  • Once music has been distributed artists can submit their music at

  • Find a release using UPC or searching by name. If submitting an album you choose one favorite track to put forward for consideration.

  • Choose a genre and write a description of 4,000 characters or less.

  • There is currently no option to tag moods, or keywords in the song submission.

Screenshot of submissions tool.

Screenshot of submissions tool.

This is welcoming news for independent artists as they can submit songs to be on Pandora through the AMP platform. The songs will then be analyzed by the Music Genome Project, feeding the algorithm and potentially being added into Pandora's radio stations.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

Screenshot of post submission screen

Screenshot of post submission screen