How music is selected for a playlist


Recently I was hit with a question on social media – "how do you choose which music goes into your playlists?". I’ve seen this question asked many times online and I want to share my answer with you.

I can't speak for everyone, but for me it's all about personal taste. I started these playlists for fun and the following came naturally over time. Choosing the music comes down to a few things:

1. Production quality. Is it mastered? Does it sound good when played amongst other songs in the playlist?

2. Is it a good song? Is there something that makes it stand out, whether it's well written, an amazing vocalist, or a great story?

3. Will it fit one of the current playlists? If not, I will follow the artist and put it into a private playlist to reconsider when an appropriate playlist is created.

I listen to all music in the order it was submitted and don't read press kits, bios, or even look up the artist on social media. I don't care if an artist has 100 streams or 1 million streams. If I like the song, I will add it. In saying that, I love supporting indie artists. I also produce and release music independently... nothing excites me more than seeing an artist gain some new fans as the result of being added to one of these playlists.

You can submit your music online at