How I made my podcast available (almost) everywhere!

Should I make my podcast exclusive to one service, or make it available everywhere? This is a question many people ask themselves. The way I see it, listeners will use their App or service of choice, so don't miss out on potential listeners thinking you need to be exclusive.

Unless someone offers you a highly lucrative deal to provide a podcast exclusively, you really have no reason to deny other listeners.

Here is a list of the submission links for various Podcast hosts. I have submitted my Podcast to all of these successfully and (shameless plug) you can check it out here.

Podcast submission links

Apple Podcasts:



Google Podcast:

iHeart Radio:


Radio Public:





I use Anchor to distribute my Podcast and while they do a great job, I found that by grabbing the RSS feed from Anchor in the settings menu, I was able to also add my podcast to the above services, making it reachable by an even wider audience, which is important to get my message out, and increase the reach for my guests.

Social Media Posts

Additionally, whenever I finish an episode I use Headliner to create audiograms, which are images with transcriptions of the speech, plus a waveform for a visual aspect. I then upload these to my Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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