Instant-Gratification Tracks are individual tracks that are immediately available as part of a pre-order for an album. If you purchase an album as a pre-order, you may find that some of the tracks are available immediately to download or stream, before the album is available.

Artists can request to make tracks from an upcoming album available as instant-gratification tracks by asking their label or distributor. Currently this can only be done for iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon & Deezer.

Want to really give your fans an incentive to pre-order your album? You can set up to 49% of the total number of tracks as Instant Gratification Tracks (for instance, a maximum of 5 out of a 12 tracks album).

In the above example you can see that four tracks from the upcoming album are available to purchase and download immediately. These tracks can be purchased individually. If someone pre-orders the album they will also get those four tracks instantly.

Additionally, when making tracks available for instant-gratification in iTunes, they will also be available to stream in Apple Music. As pictured below.

Have you tried this? Did it help to boost pre-orders for your album? If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to leave a comment below.