Most artists who aren’t seeing results with social media are using their past mistakes and what hasn’t worked as an excuse for why they aren’t getting the reach that they want.

Take the time to educate yourself. Sometimes you have to go back to the past in order to get to the future.

Retrace your steps and figure out what you might have been doing wrong, so you can start to correct any mistakes and use your social media platforms in the best way possible.

Find creative ways to get other people to share your content, find what works for you, and keep doing that.

1. Show Up

If you wake up every day wanting to get your music out into the world, the opportunities are there. Today more than ever, you can reach people all around the world if you justdecide to show up.

The problem is most artists are letting fear hold them back from taking action. The internet is full of opinions, and it’s easy to let the fear of being judged keep us from moving forward.

Another challenge for musicians is that they think they need to be perfect before they get out there and try.

Nobody is perfect and letting perfection hold you back will only keep you from growing as an artist.

2. Go Where Your Fans Are

Once you decide to show up, the tools and resources to build a world-wide fanbase are at your fingertips.

Social media platforms are simply tools to build relationships and each platform has different types of people. You need to find out where your ideal fans are hanging out. It might be Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitter so figure out which platforms you need to be activ

If your fanbase has an older demographic, it’s unlikely they’re hanging out on TikTok or Instagram - try Facebook instead. Then you need to figure out what type of content works best on those platforms and create it. Test and try new things.

Real life example: If you make country music, you wouldn’t go and play a gig in a heavy metal venue because your ideal fans aren’t going to be there. The same thing applies for social media!

Remember, social media is just about creating relationships,so make that your main focus.

3. Be Authentic

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. You don’t need to be perfect. People love to see the courage it takes to be vulnerable and real.

If you’re doing a live-stream and you’re feeling fear or anxiety, be honest and let your audience know and they will appreciate it. Don’t try to fake it because most people will be able to tell. If you don’t pretend to be perfect, then you don’t have to be. Your true fans will love you no matter what. The more you disarm people, the less they will be able to hurt you. Just speak the truth, be transparent, then jump in and play some music.

4. Get Personal

The key to mastering social media as a musician is to get personal with your fans. Send people a private direct message and create a personal touch by having a one-on-one conversation.

Bring fans onto your Instagram live and have a conversation in between songs.

Market your music to fans of artists with music similar to yours. You can spend a few dollars a day on FB and IG ads showing your music to people who haven’t yet heard of you but are most likely to love your music.

Another strategy that works really well is doing livestreams and adding a “Virtual Tip Jar”and link to merch in the description.

Show your gratitude by giving them a shout out during the stream. (Modern Musician client,The Bellrays, make $1,000 per livestream from their virtual tip jar!)

5. Find A Healthy Balance

It’s no secret that social media can be time-consuming and sometimes unproductive. This is why it’s crucial to find a healthy balance when navigating social media to promote your music.

Set yourself a schedule by dedicating just 3 hours a week ( 30 minutes a day) to creating all of your social media content.

Schedule your social media posts in advance or set timers for when you need to post rather than it being constantly on your mind...(or constantly forgetting!)

10 More Ideas To Connect & Grow On Social Media:

  • ● Set yourself the goal to post once a day on Instagram or Facebook
  • ● Do an Instagram Live and play a few songs
  • ● Run a Facebook Ad Campaign
  • ● Create your own “radio station” on IG stories
  • ● Add a Virtual Tip Jar and links to your merch or email list with a freebie.
  • ● Do a giveaway competition for your fans
  • ● Send personal messages to your most engaged fans
  • ● Share your mailing list on your socials
  • ● Post cover videos (and add your own unique twist)
  • ● Create a Spotify Playlist of your favourite songs and ask your fans to follow it