With Spotify and Apple Music claiming the majority of subscribers (60 million and 30 million respectively), there’s another service that is gaining momentum.

Deezer started in 2007 and currently has over 10 million active subscribers who you are probably not reaching with Spotify and Apple Music.

I work with a number of artists and continue to preach the importance of having a strong presence across all platforms, whether it be social media, or in this case, streaming services.

Before we get into this, please know that I am a subscriber and user of a number of streaming services and love them all for different reasons. This article is specifically about Deezer, so don’t go hitting up my socials saying “what’s wrong with X” because every streaming service has its pros!

How to set up your artist profile on Deezer

Deezer do not link personal profiles to artist profiles in the same way as Spotify. Your artist profile is completely separate and at time of writing this post, the only way to update the bio, artwork, playlists and social media links on your artist profile is to send an email to Deezer Support.

Register at Deezer.com

Create two playlists. (Artist Name: Originals and Artist Name: Remixes).

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject ‘Artist Profile Update: Artist Name’.

Deezer will require the URL of your artist profile (e.g. https://www.deezer.com/en/artist/648537) and your username (e.g. workhardplaylisthard)

Below is a list of what Deezer requires to update your artist profile. This is copied and pasted directly from an email received from Deezer Support.

Banner: 1800x230 - max file: 6MB
The essential image / wording should be concentrated either in the centre, far left or far right, to be viewable in full on small screens. The banner will hide the profile picture on web.

Profile pictures: 500x500 - max file 3MB
If a banner is uploaded, the profile picture disappears from the web artist page. However, the picture will be displayed on mobile, in the charts, on user profiles etc…

Social Media
Facebook page URL (Your URL must begin with http://)
Twitter page URL (Your URL must begin with http://)

Artist Bio
No length restrictions. Can be provided in as many languages as there are on the service. Most important are: EN, FR, ES, DE.

Max 2 playlists can be displayed on the profile.

If you found this helpful, please share it with a friend. Remember that things can change overnight in the new music industry. Be prepared and have a strong presence on all streaming services!

All information was current at the time of writing this. If anyone has additional information or would like this to be taken down please leave a comment.