Curators are always looking for ways to monetize their playlists and reach a broader audience, such as retail stores and businesses. Thanks to a partnership between background music service SoundMachine and playlist transfer services Soundiiz + TuneMyMusic this is now possible.

SoundMachine is a music service company supplying music to major fashion, hotel, restaurant, and coffee shop chains, as well as small businesses. Curators now have an opportunity to hear their playlists in real brick and mortar stores and businesses and get paid for their efforts. Artists featured in their playlists also see potential exposure and income from in-store airplay.

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits.

SoundMachine for curators:

  • Import playlists from multiple DSP's into SoundMachine via Soundiiz or TuneMyMusic.
  • Playlists can legally be played in a business setting, licensed through Sound Machine.
  • Curators set their price and allow business owners to subscribe to their playlists for business use.

SoundMachine for artists:

  • Artists get paid royalties when their music is played.
  • Exposure in a business/retail setting. Shoppers are quick to “Shazam” a song or ask Alexa, Google, Siri “What song is this?”
  • Shazams from in-store airplay contribute to various charts.

How it works

Curators sign up at

SoundMachine provide curators with a platform from which they can sign users up and manage their content. They can import their playlists from other music services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Music, Napster, YouTube, YouTube Music, with more to come. Curators invoice the end customer the price they think the customer is willing to pay for the background music service including their curation services. SoundMachine then invoice the music curator.

“Furthermore, we believe that this is a unique opportunity for music curators that use streaming products to prepare their playlists: this integration allows them to share these playlists with their business customers through an avenue that is seamless and in compliance with the law.” - Matteo Luppi, CEO of SoundMachine.

Business owners sign up at

Business owners have access to SoundMachine’s content management platform which allows them to create mixes, schedule content, and handle multiple users. Business owners can access music content across multiple platforms including a dedicated iOS app, their own music player, as well as a range of wireless speakers. SoundMachine partners include major telecom companies, such as Vodafone, as well as thousands of AV installers. The company has offices in Los Angeles and Barcelona.


It’s refreshing to see a background music service offering a way for curators to monetize their playlists and share their curation with retail stores and businesses. SoundMachine have licensing agreements with Performing Rights Organizations in the US (ASCAP, BMI, GMR, and SESAC) and Canada (SOCAN and RE:SOUND) meaning that artists will get paid when their music is played in-store. Here’s hoping this leads to more independent artists getting a chance at in-store programming.