As an independent musician, I know the value in maintaining ownership of your product. When it came time to release Work Hard Playlist Hard, I researched other book distributors but ultimately went with Tablo after reading some reviews online. Tablo allows anyone to publish their book as an eBook, Paperback or Hardcover to nearly every bookshop in the world. This review is based on my experience releasing my first book through Tablo.

The process is very much self serve but the live chat and extremely knowledgeable team were there when I had tougher questions, they truly offer a first class service. I bombarded Ash and the team with questions and asked for all the advice they could offer on how to make this a successful book launch. I forgot to mention, they also check the formatting on your book and have an online editor so you can make adjustments and preview instantly.

Thanks to Tablo, I maintain 100% ownership of my book, all earnings come to me, and I can update it any time I choose. Yep, I can push an update to my book anytime! It's print on demand so people will start getting the new copies once they order.

I can't sing Tablo's praises enough. If you have any doubts you can follow my social media where I constantly brag about the book stores that have been stocking up on my book and customers around the world sharing "selfies" with the book in their local store. @askmikewarner if you have ANY doubts that this is right for you.

I did not receive any commission for this post. I just wanted to share this review publicly as I have had many people asking me how I put my book out.