While perusing LinkedIn I came across this killer article on ways to get more playlist support. It was created by Philip Loutsis (VP of AWAL Community at Kobalt). The article is a 10 minute read and well worth your time.

Here’s a few takeaways from the article:

  • Phil mentions the value of getting your song onto Spotify’s radar early by submitting in Spotify for Artists at least 7 days before release day (the more lead time the better). This guarantees your original song goes into Release Radar for all of your followers. It’s worth noting that Remixes, Re-Releases and Re-Mastered versions won’t always be added to Release Radar.
  • Many curators are also artists, artist manager, or labels. This means that if you place one of their artists on your own playlist and let them know, you may see a quicker and more positive response when you send them your next song.
  • Metadata is extremely important. By adding as much information as possible you are helping to feed the algorithms earlier which could lead to editorial playlist support and those new non-human algorithmic playlists. Make sure you take the time to add Mood, Genre, Instruments, Language and any other data while submitting within Spotify for Artists.

I highly suggest you take the time to read the full article and share it with a fellow artist if you think it could help them

Link to the full article: