The power of editorial playlists has been proven in breaking many artists’ career but what happens if a release receives no editorial support? Enter the world of third party playlists. Every user of a DSP has a profile and can become a curator, but what makes these curators influential and achieve tastemaker status. We will unravel some of the myths about third party curators and discuss the differences between real organic growth and manipulated growth or fake streams. Expect to see some real case studies of artists that have achieved success through third party playlists and gain an understanding of the additional audience that can be reached.

Update: You've probably seen the news that #SXSW has been canceled. I have decided to host my workshop via live stream. Anyone, anywhere in the world can join via the link below (be sure to click 'Set Reminder').

I encourage fellow SXSW speakers to do the same!

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