Upload your music to Spotify!

In what looks to be another exciting announcement for independent artists, Spotify will soon allow uploading of music directly through Spotify for Artists.

Spotify have sent out invitations to a handful of Artists for BETA testing. US based artists can register their interest at artists.spotify.com/upload with other countries to follow.

Important points you may have missed:

  1. Once a release goes live, you can edit information such as the release title, track titles, and artwork.

  2. You will need to create an account with Stripe to receive monthly payment.

  3. You can add a collaborator when you upload a song. Choosing to add them to the entire release, or to individual tracks.

  4. Spotify don’t take any fee’s or commissions.

All of the above points were referenced from the Spotify for Artists FAQ here.

My thoughts on this based on some questions i’ve been asked on social media are below (these are my thoughts only and not taken from any Spotify blog or other).

Is this new?

No. Services like Google Play and Anghami have offered this for sometime, Bandcamp allow artists to upload and sell digital downloads of their music as well.

Will distributors become non existent?

Absolutely not. I am an independent artist myself and I will use this to submit my music directly to Spotify but I will still go through my distributor to submit my music to every other streaming service.

I heard Spotify keep 50% of my earnings?

This refers to the direct licensing deals that were announced earlier this year.

Spotify direct licensing deal = Spotify takes up to 50%, similar to a record label deal.

Upload your music to Spotify for Artists = Spotify takes 0% fees/commission.

These are two completely different things.

This news just broke this week, follow the post at WorkHardPlaylistHard.com/blog for the latest information.