Good news for remixers on Spotify

Remixers, log in to your Spotify for Artists account for some fantastic news!

If you have ever completed a remix for another artist you would be well aware that remixes don't always count towards your monthly listeners, or show up in your 'latest release' or 'popular' sections on your profile. This is your time to shine. 

When logged in to your Spotify account you will be greeted with this pop up message.

Remixes count more than ever.

We’ve made some updates to give remixers the credit they deserve.

Your monthly listener total.

If you’re a remixer it may have gone up—because remix listeners are your listeners.

Your stats dashboard.

All audience and song stats now include everyone who streamed your remixes.

Your artist profile on Spotify.

Whenever you remix a track, fans see it in your Latest Release and Popular sections.

Are you a remixer? Have you experienced a large increase in your monthly listener numbers on Spotify? Tweet @askmikewarner and let me know.