7 Spotify playlist curators you can submit your music to for free.

Playlists are the new radio. It's now possible for a song to break on playlists before commercial radio. Here are 7 playlist curators you can submit your music to for free.

 1. Indiemono

Biggest playlist: Sad Songs (373,000 followers)
Submission link: indiemono.com/music-submit

Indiemono is one of the largest independent playlist communities. They love breaking new artists, especially if you have less than 1,000 streams.

2. Soundplate

Biggest playlist: Selected : Soundplate (4,400 followers)
Submission link: play.soundplate.com

Soundplate has a selection of playlists curated by their team. In addition they have a new submission system which lets you submit music to a bunch of other playlists.

3. Spingrey

Biggest playlist: it’s LIT (27,000 followers)
Submission link: spingrey.com/backstage

Great playlists spanning multiple genres, you can even submit by following their collaborative playlist on the link above.

4. Simon Field

Biggest playlist: Ibiza Deep House (210,000 followers)
Submission link: bit.ly/2zOx4UR

Simon is a successful producer/artist and curates one of the largest independent playlists for electronic music. The playlist is hosted on his artist profile on Spotify.

5. Soave Records (formerly Selected Sounds)

Biggest playlist: Sunny Chills (8,800 followers)
Submission link: soaverecords.com/playlists

Soave have a number of playlists mostly focused on Chill, Deep and Tropical music.

6. Daily Playlists

Biggest playlist: Hip Hop Daily (1,000 followers)
Submission link: dailyplaylists.com/submit-a-track

A huge amount of playlists you can submit to, they also have their own curated playlists for Rock, Hip Hop, Indie and Electronic.

7. Work Hard Playlist Hard

Biggest playlist: Fashion Store Sounds (14,000 followers)
Submission link: workhardplaylisthard.com/submit

Call it shameless self promotion but Work Hard Playlist Hard is always taking submissions.

Update #1 - Work Hard Playlist Hard e-book.

Looking for more useful information, check out the e-book (click here).

Update #2 - Paid pitching service.

If you are looking for a paid service to do all the work for you when it comes to pitching, check out Playlist Push (click here).

Update #3 - More curators to submit to.

See below for even more curators you can submit your music to.