What is Crosshair?

I’ve had a few people ask me recently if there is a service where they can just pay a fee and essentially do a “bulk pitch” to multiple independent curators. After some time experimenting on Crosshair as an artist and now as a curator I feel comfortable writing this short piece and sharing my findings.

Unlike other “pitching” services, Crosshair works for both the artist and the curator, which makes for more responses for the artist and a little bit of income for the curator.

Crosshair’s mission is to “affordably connect musicians directly to the playlist curators and social influencers who can help grow their audiences.”

First, let’s be clear… this is not playola. Many of you are familiar with that dirty word causing artists to have their music removed from streaming services, some even being blacklisted indefinitely.

Crosshair takes a payment of $250 per song (discounts for multiple songs) and hosts your song on their website. Curators then login and listen to music to consider for their playlists. The best part is that they get paid when they listen and respond, so there is more incentive for them to do so. Curators can earn payment for reviews of their songs, starting at $0.25 with opportunities for raises depending on their performance. Curators’ performance is measured on detailed feedback (not just saying “sorry, doesn’t fit”), listening to the song in full, and how quickly they respond to direct messages.

If a curator accepts your song you will be able to message them directly to thank them, and potentially organise a blog post or some social media shares.

So… for those who are asking. Crosshair will get your song in front of curators, it will get you feedback and it will save you time pitching. If you would like to check it out for yourself please use the link at the bottom of this article.

*Full disclosure: this is a referral link and I will get a small cut if you use it. This helps to pay for posts like these and allow me to keep hitting you with knowledge about various services.